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French Bulldog Colorful Anime, Fantasy, Flowers, Woven Throw Blanket


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French Bulldogs are going crazy in the dog world. Everyone seems to want them, and who can blame them? These little ones have a big personality, and are easily loved by all. Bring this one home with you today!

Perfect for the anime / dog nerd in your life. This blanket is great as a bedspread or for draping on your couch. Lush colors beautifully woven throughout with a faded vintage feel. Trimmed with multicolor fringed edges.

Comfortable, versatile…nerdy yet classy. Use it as wall décor, throw for your furniture, endless possibilities.

Each soft woven blanket is 100% cotton, made to order, and crafted rather than printed. Our woven technique creates a unique look that gives distinctive and luxurious.


50×60 inch, 52×37 inch, 60×80 inch


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