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Welcome to Nerd Woven my friend, my name is Gabriel Jones and this crazy place is my brain child. The story of our humble beginnings goes way back to my childhood. A long time ago in the deserts of Southern California lived a sweet old woman affectionately known as “the Muz.” This was my wonderful grandma, and she had a love for authentic art and decorations.

In her living room hung something special. It was a centerpiece of the house that everyone knew well. It was a woven blanket of an old Native American women working on a Navajo style ceramic pot. I always thought about this lovely piece and what it meant to the family…that’s when all those years later I had the bright idea to create something similar for people just like you to enjoy.

That’s the quick version of how Nerd Woven was born. Our goal is to create amazing woven blankets with specific niches in mind. As a genuine nerd I thought it would be amazing to niche down specific topics to create these blankets with.

They are soft from the 100% cotton, and have a different look about them since they are woven and not printed. There is MUCH more in store for the future…many more topics and niches to explore as we grow together.

What a great concept. Art that can be hung on the wall as a textile piece for all to enjoy, or simply a soft throw bankey with your favorite design on it to warm up with while relaxing on the sofa.

Whatever your reason, I’m glad your here. Please let us know any ideas you might have or suggestions as we love to hear from people just like you. More to come…keep watch, and I hope the blanket you pick is remembered by your family just like the one which hung in my own grandmas house.

Thanks for stopping by,
Gabriel Jones